Disability Awareness Day
Sunday 14th July 2024
Disability Awareness Day
Sunday 14th July

Arts at DAD 2023

Time Performers Act
10:30 Groovy Movers, from Catalyst Choices Dance group
10:50 Rock Choir Warrington Signing Choir
11:25 Creating Adventures Ignite Dance Group Dance
11:45 Warrington Male Voice Choir Singing
12:15 Creating Adventures Beautiful Noise Choir Singing
12:40 Warrington BSL Signing Choir Choir
13:00 The Ella Performance Group Musical performance
13:30 Carly Ryan Singer
14:00 Signature Brass Ensemble Brass band
14:20 Wolf Print Dance Dance
14:35 Georgia Rae K Singer
14:55 Chester Ladies' Choir Choir
15:30 Stars Drama Performance
15:55 Wired for Sound Community Choir Choir
16:20 Thank you for Attending and Close Dave Thompson
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