Disability Awareness Day
Sunday 12th July 2020
Disability Awareness Day
Sunday 14th July 2019

What people say about DAD

Every year we collect comments and feedback from our visitors, so we can improve their experience and keep Disability Awareness Day satisfying their needs.

Here is a selection of the comments people wrote on our Graffitti Wall last year.

Traveled all the way from Cumbria fantastic day!

Totally different from what I expected good day out

Very informative good show

Fab day can't wait till next year

Fantastic every time

Fantastic and loads of info will be back next year

Lots of fun :)

Lots on info very enjoyable day

Bloody brilliant I will be back next year and the year after

Happy Dayz lots of great and helpful people thanks

Great day fun for all we have had a lovely day thank you very much

Great day drums and falconry were best

Brill day roll on next year

Very tiring but interesting


Bloody Marvelous

Lots of information thanks

Great fun

Amazing day

Lots of information brilliant

Had an enormous ammount of fun want to come again

I liked the gardens

Very informative a nice day

Fantastic day as usual

A lovely day out thank you

All really enjoyed ourselves and the freebies are great

Very well organised excellent day

Very good and full of info

Samba band fantastic! lovely day

I loved the birdies

Brilliant day I will come again

Great day

Top day

Fantastic day

Successful and fun day especially the Samba

Well done a good day

I had a lovely time thank you

Excellent show

Fantastic day

Very fun

Great event really cool

I especially liked the drummers thank you

It is getting better and funer every day

Gets better every year amazing

Great day but ground was too soft any chance of alluminium roads next time

Fantastic! Thanks very much I learned a lot

A wonderful family day

I won a rabbit!

The kids loved it and the band was good

Thanks all who organised a wonderful day

Thank you thank you!

I cannot wait for next year

Learned a lot about things that matter to me, and loved the birds!

A kind comment from a visitor
Collecting feedback from visitors
A kind comment from a visitor
Kind comments from a young visitor

Note on the wall saying lots of fun thank yo!

Glad to see people have fun at DAD!
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