Disability Awareness Day
Sunday 15th July 2018
Disability Awareness Day
Sunday 16th July 2017

The 2015 awards went to...


Barclays are leading the way when it comes to accessibility, currently aiming to be in FTS top 100 accessible companies, you only have to visit their website or your local branch to see their efforts to ensure that their services are 'accessible to all'. To ensure that people are aware of the options available to them should they have a disability, Barclays' employees regularly attend events such as Dsiability Awareness Day to highlight the support they give to their customers.

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust - Smart House

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust is playing a key role in a pioneering the use of cutting-edge technology, Mi - More independent - aims to help people to stay more independent in their own homes and prevent them going in hospital. Mi is based on a partnership of organisations working together to transform lives through the use of Telehealth and Telecare, with a range of products which also allow people to ‘try and buy’ the new technology for the first time. Liverpool Community Health is currently using technology (Telehealth) to support over 50 patients with long-term health conditions to give them greater control in monitoring and managing their health at home. This is a fantastic shift towards allowing individuals to self-manage their conditions whilst dramatically increasing their independence - something which has been the goal of disability rights' individuals for many years.

Gorton Monastery Manchester

Since 1996 conservation work has been carried out on this grade 2 listed building, in December last year the remaining monies needed to finish this work was found by the trust in charge of the building. Since 2007 the building has been open as an events venue, since this time money has been used to ensure that the monastery is 'accessible to all'. Final work is due to be finished in 2016 when a 'Welcome Wing' is going to be unveiled. The Monastery's Trust is a deserving recipient for this award as they have ensured that disabled people, their families and carers can share the beauty and spectacular opportunities that this venue has to offer.

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